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March 25 2017


March 24 2017

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Trzeba być bardzo pijanym, żeby moc tak pisać. Ale mówię Ci - gdybym miał gwarancję, że będę z Tobą chociaż rok, a potem mnie zabiją - przyjechałbym do Ciebie. Nie ma, nie było - okazuje się - nic ważniejszego od Ciebie.
— Hłasko do Osieckiej.
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I.C. Certamen - Getting Ready [634x798]

logotypy polskich województw i ich stolic
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I like how everybody is paired off haha

#this looks more like an awkward sixth grade slow dance than it does hockey

I FINALLY FOUND OUT WHY THIS HAPPENS. You see this all the time when there’s a fight or a scrum and suddenly everyone pairs up with a member of the opposite team and they just sort of …hold each other.

Someone on reddit asked about it. And it turns out there’s a logical-ish reason:

all of the other players pair off with their man to prevent anyone else entering into the fight … so it’s a form of self policing. 

[…] The players basically want to prevent 2 on 1, etc. fights and by finding a “hugging” partner so there’s no ganging up on one guy, even on accident. They do it because it’s fair. And it’s kind of cute sometimes.

so now we know! it’s fair…and cute.

Aw best part is no ones left out at this dance

“We found love in a hopeless place”

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My idol

This will never not be funny.

a hero for the ages

A classic

holy shit

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March 23 2017

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Caption this face

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Neil Hilborn - "OCD"
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The Changing Big Dipper

Over time, the motions of the stars within the Big Dipper will change its appearance.

Five of the stars of the Big Dipper are at the core of the Ursa Major Moving Group. The two at the ends, Dubhe and Alkaid, are not part of the swarm, and are moving in the opposite direction. Relative to the central five, they are moving down and to the right in the map. This will slowly change the Dipper’s shape, with the bowl opening up and the handle becoming more bent.

For teaching: astrophysics

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Mother Nature fail
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